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Our curriculum

Curriculum Vision

Our aspirational and inclusive curriculum focuses on three key principles:         

  • Subject knowledge

  • Vocabulary

  • Social equity

Our curriculum intent is to provide a fully inclusive curriculum, whilst empowering our pupils to develop the skills and knowledge they require to be successful in the wider world. We aim to ensure that pupils develop a love of learning and an inquisitive nature which leads them to develop further knowledge. An intentional focus on reading is at the heart of our curriculum: it is through the explicit teaching of vocabulary, a focus on reading in class, and an accompanying love of reading, that Cobholm Primary Academy aims to ensure that all pupils have the best academic opportunities, whatever their backgrounds. We intend to provide our pupils with a wealth of experiences through our knowledge-based curriculum. Our curriculum is structured by traditional subjects, properly sequenced to ensure systematic and thorough teaching for all. This is supported by a rich array of experiences, such as involvement in the arts, sports and external visits which they may not experience in their everyday lives which builds the cultural capital of our pupils.

More information

If you would like more information please contact the school office and they will put you in touch with the most appropriate year or subject lead.